A quiet day at home…

I decided to stay home today, and work from home. Answering the phone and taking orders for burial vaults for someones loved one is a strange job. Whenever buisness is “booming” I cannot smile because I know that when I take the order…someone else somewhere is crying and greiving.

I have decided to eat my peppermint cupcake, drink my Decaf Earl Grey tea, and start my cookbook. I am putting together a cookbook for a friend. Vegetarian recipes that I have tried and love. Most aren’t my own creative ideas, but some with my own input. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s been so grey lately. The sky just hasn’t wanted to open up for the sun to come through. I wish it would. Days of clouds with no blue in between really starts to lower my spirits. It brings memories of other days that I felt like this, with a better reason.  I’m looking out my window glancing over at the same stupid yellow smiley face balloon that’s been stuck in my neighbor’s tree for probably a year. It just hangs out up there, clinging to the branches. I hate it. I want someone to notice it and get a ladder and cut it down. It just looks like trash in their tree and they don’t care at all. How strange.

Now…back to my peppermint cupcake.


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