We need to forgive to heal. Even if we “fake it till we make it” and SAY we forgive until we really feel it throughout our bodies and minds….i believe it’s so important to forgive.

I have a hard time understanding people who choose NOT to forgive. They think it will be what’s best for them, but time always proves them wrong. Their heart and soul is eaten alive by the choice to not forgive and never look back. I think they come to a point where they wish they could change their mind and forgive—but their pride has become so strong through the process, that they feel it is too late to change and forgive.

It’s never too late.

It’s never to late to forgive. I know i still have things in my life i need to bring up and remember, so that i can forgive. Yet, trying to “forgive and forget” also doesn’t work. Not for me. I can’t seem to just “forget” things that have happened in my life, things i have forgiven. They are a part of me now, an experience i’ve lived through, a wound that healed, a heart restored. I can’t forget. But, i try to make the choice to view the situation, and/or the person differently. I think that is what God has called us to do. Be a person of forgiveness, and grace. I want to be more of that kind of person. Although…I don’t welcome the opportunities to test myself in that area!

I just wish there was an easier way for some people to learn to forgive. I wish i could open their eyes to the reality of what a poor choice they make when they choose to be bitter and angry, instead of to forgive. They basically tell themselves they want to stay bitter, and not heal. And for some reason, i just can’t seem to imagine why that would feel better to them. I don’t know that it’s ever felt better for me.

I’m in no way saying i’m perfect at this “act of forgiving” because i’m not. I struggle with it all the time. But, i know that i want to embrace it, and live it.

The biggest reason to forgive is that we were given the greatest forgiveness of all when God sent Jesus to die for US so that we could be forgiven. I feel like if we meditate on that fact more, we would be more filled with the spirit of forgiveness and choose to forgive.


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness.

  1. Oh, how you’ve hit home with me. I have been on both sides. I have chosen not to forgive and it just eats away at you terribly. Completely not worth it. Once I made the choice to forgive, what an incredible release I felt! Like a breath of pure, heavenly air! But, to be on the other side….to be the person that is not being forgiven. My goodness….I’m not sure if there’s anything that hurts more! I had some very close friends leave me due to choices I made. The pain I still feel at losing their wonderful friendship kills me. I have to release it all the time. Because if I hold onto it, which I tend to, it could destroy me. I have asked forgiveness. I have asked what more I can do to make it better. I have done all that I can think of. So therefore, I have to look to my heavenly Father and tell Him to take it from me. He can provide all that I need. Even in the horrible time of losing some incredible friends.
    Thank you again Geneva, for opening my eyes to the obvious, but so often, looked over.

  2. Lately I have been having to act out forgiveness. I think sometimes we forget that it has to be a process… What great thoughts Geneva!

    I have been hurt… my dad beat us, mom ignored us, I was a loser in school with alot of mis treating friends… I was able to get over most of if not all of that…

    Now I am a man… and recently my leader, my friend, my so called “brother in arms” really hurt me. My Pastor. And for months I have struggled to let go… when I tried to resolve what happened the conversation turned to how everyhing was “my sin issue”. Whoa! No admitted fault…

    More months passed, I stepped down from guitar on the worship team. Mad. Wanting to run away… each Sunday having to sit through sermons, worship services knowing what was said to me… I held it in.

    Then 2 weeks ago it hit me… I have let my unforgiveness rob me of what is dearest to me. Being in the presence of the Lord. I let it get in between me and what I love most, worship. And now I look back realizing how much of a fool I was…am… I remember teaching my sunday school class a year ago (teens) “you will never lose Gods love, but you can lose his presence”.

    What a hard process forgiveness can be. I had forgotten. And because of my ignorance and pride thinking I was “past all that stuff” I was suprised to find that perhaps I still have more to work through over my past…

    But through all the pain the Lord brought me to a verse in Psalms where David wrote… “Praise be to the Lord, who, DAILY, bears our burdens.”

    I think knowing that my real dad is hurting with me everytime has helped me in my forgiving.

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