Needles in my face!

Last week, i had my very first Acupuncture treatment. Needless to say, it was interesting! My acupuncturist was very thorough going through my medical history, was extremely caring and friendly and made me feel at ease. I had just started getting a headcold that day so i wasn’t really into feeling relaxed, or laying in one spot for a long period of time (which i had to do once the needles where placed in my back). I was really stuffy and a bit feverish so i wasn’t very comfortable. The needles actually did hurt a bit. More then i expected them too, but nothing that couldn’t be tolerated.

The worst of the needles were in my face. My 1st session was really just a body-detox, but since i was sick, my acupuncturist offered to do some “points” in my face to help clear my sinuses. I had a needle on each side of my nose, a bit above my nostril but to the side, onto my cheekbone. The other needles were in the top central portion of my face in my eyebrows. MAN–those hurt pretty bad!!!

I am scheduled to go 1x per week for several weeks…i’ll keep an update if this craziness works and helps heal my body! I’m sure it will….i believe wholeheartedly in alternative medicine………..yes…………even if it takes needles placed in my face!


One thought on “Needles in my face!

  1. I did acupuncture for my IBS and it was the only thing that got mr through it. I wish I could afford to keep going for incidentals….;) I hope it works for you.

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