A dear friend of mine sent me this last week and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had to share it on my blog-with the hope that it will encourage someone else that needs to hear it. It meant a lot to me~and it is something i want to continue to look at once in awhile and remember. I’m so grateful for God’s love. Even when I’ve been independent-minded and can’t feel His presence or when I’ve turned my back to live for myself for awhile and haven’t been thinking of Him–He’s there. Loving me and waiting for me to remember Him and love him with all my heart.

“no matter if you’re up or down and how your heart is feeling, always know that I am with you. I am the One who picked you to be where you are and created you to be who you are. I am blessed to see you wake in the morning and do your duties for the day and when you go to sleep again at night I am always with you. You are a blessing to your friends and a wonderful gift to your husband. I am glorified because of who you are and how much you love me. Bless your heart dear child. I will never forget you or leave you unnoticed. You are the one I love.”


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