Ghetto Food Lion

OK….so i just got back from Food Lion near my house and i have the most ridiculous story to tell.

First, let me say that this Food Lion is notoriously ghetto and everytime i go there they make me bag my own groceries and they treat me like crap.

So, today i had to go there, just to grab a few things. Woohoo, i was excited as i’m sure you would be after experiencing the bag your own groceries and get treated like crap escapades i have.

So i’m standing in line at the checkout, and i step in something gross. i look down and i realize i stepped in a strawberry yogurt-like substance. I immediately wiped my foot around on the ground to get the yogurt off my shoe and kindly looked up at the cashier and said as politely as i could (cuz i’m sweet like that) “Um, excuse me…there is some yogurt spilled on the floor over here and i just stepped in it, you may want to call someone with a mop or something to clean it up.” The old lady in line before me says “oh my, thats against the law! Someone could slip and fall”. So, the cashier (a younger girl) gets a bunch of papertowels and tries to hand them to me. I said….”Uh….i didn’t spill the yogurt on the floor”. She said “oh, you didn’t? Well, could you clean it up some?” I was like….”Why should i clean up the yogurt, i don’t work here!?”. She kept saying “well, could you wipe up a little bit please so no one falls?”. I was totally flabergasted that this cashier wouldn’t instead HERSELF come out from behind her little world and clean up the yogurt but instead wanted ME, a customer, to bend over with gross papertowels and clean up the grocery store floor. UGH. I was pissed—but i didn’t know if i should make a scene or just clean it up for her a bit, and shut up—because i honestly didn’t know what else to say i was in total shock. I cleaned it up with a quick swipe—but more remained, and i told her she should call someone with a mop to get the rest. She acted irratated that i hadn’t cleaned it all up. UNBELIEVABLE.  I called the manager and complained on my way home. WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE IN CUSTOMER-SERVICE or CUSTOMER-CARE COME FROM? PLANET OF @SSHOLES? Seriously, i encounter this in my area almost daily. I’m so freakin sick of the inconsideration, disrespect, and idiot-cy. It’s really gotten outta hand.

Just had to rant. I HAD to get this off my chest.

And, also had to tell you NEVER to go to the Owings Mills Food Lion if you want a quick and easy checkout with no clean-up duties involved. Also, you’ll most likely end up bagging some if not all of your groceries at 0$ per hour.


2 thoughts on “Ghetto Food Lion

  1. One of many reasons I am glad I no longer live in the NE. Food Lion! Bahahaha…


    Here, it’s the exact opposite but for bad reasons… a lot of retirees (that have money) live here and so service is impeccable. So, there is great customer service, but it’s all about money… not because it’s the right thing to do.

    Ah well… would rather have a good thing for the wrong reason than a bad thing for yet another bad reason. Lesser of two evils?

  2. The Food Lion in Cockeysville is exactly the same. The only good thing about it is the hand dryer in the bathroom. It is super-sonic.

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