Victory in 2008.

I pray for victory in 2008.

Victory in my life. Overcoming negative emotions, habits, qualities in myself i see, and even those i don’t.

Victory in my marriage. More love, more passion, more encouragement. More courage to keep working hard at it.

Victory in my spirit. More growth, more compassion, more selflessness. More time with God. More fire for Christ in me, More dedication.

Victory in my body. To be more committed to healing. To health. To excercise. To yoga and to meditation. To anything and everything that makes me healthier and happier.

Victory in my family. For my brother to be set free from the bondage of addiction. For more restoration in my family. For more quality time with loved ones. More compassion for differences.

Victory in relationships. More honesty. More openess. More quality conversation. More encouragement, more steadfastness and more loyalty. More sacrifice.

I claim victory in Christ Jesus. I am a God child, I am a lover of the one true God and my savior. These things excite me and I pray God reveals more of Himself to me in 2008. Bring it on God…….


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