And Hello 2009….

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t written since 2008. It means it was around the same time of year that I felt the all too familiar tug to write. Things are changing; things have changed; and for other things–change didn’t last long.

So here’s to 2009.

I’m still learning to let go. Embrace life. Release the spirit of fear. Learning to trust again. Starting to heal. Trying not to hold so tight to things I have no control over. Giving all up to God, every day.

In 2008, I….(in no specific order)

Read the Bible from front to back. Saw movies on Sundays after church with friends. Started teaching yoga to students at Ojas Wellness Center. Gained my first PRIVATE yoga student. Felt God’s love for me. Wrote letters. Visited a family member in an addictions rehabilitation facility. Made some possible life changing decisions. Held a puppy. Bought my first house with my husband. Attended my last surviving grandmother’s funeral. Reconciled with a family member who I hadn’t spoken to in years. Laughed a lot. Cried a lot. Picked up my old guitar and started playing again. Gained new friends. Said goodbye to a friend who moved away. Worshipped God with abandon. Layed in the sunshine. Took photographs. Walked with London. Had sushi with Jamey. Read MANY good books. Had intimate conversations. Did asanas and stayed in the moment. Felt hopeless. Wished my brother would turn his eyes upon Jesus. Celebrated six years of marriage with my wonderful husband. Was given many gifts. Was blessed more then I deserve. Spent quality time with strangers at Hope Lodge in Baltimore. Had moments of not taking life for grantid. Smiled and meant it. Missed loved ones lost. Listened to others share at Naranon meetings. Had my heart broken. Comforted a friend. Good girl time over tea/coffee. I’ve loved. I’ve grown. I’ve changed.

Here’s to more LIFE and FREEDOM in Christ in 2009! Amen.


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