My 1st Pregnancy. 7 weeks.


This week i was so sick with you! But, the highlight was getting to the radiologist to see your little heart beating on the monitor screen. You are still thriving inside me! Your daddy and i thought seeing your heartbeat was so cool!

This week i was still so sick. I couldn’t eat much at all. I am taking Promethizine suppositories but they don’t make me feel well at all. I am totally drugged up on them, and usually just fall asleep for a few hours. This prevents me from drinking when i really should be. I feel horrible and pretty much want to die. I feel like i am dying. I got slightly depressed since i haven’t been outside or even out of the bedroom and bathroom now for 2 weeks….I’ve been living on cheese crackers, iced tea, ice chips, peppermint gum, and pretzels. I usually can’t keep any of it down for long. The highlight of this week was that we got our 1st “real” ultrasound. We saw the babys heart beating! Unfortunately, the radiologist told me i may have a bicornuate uterus–which means a heart shape. This apparently puts me at a risk for miscarraige, and pre-term labor. Not what i was needing to hear to ease any worry. One more thing to worry about! I just keep praying for peace because i know God is in control—He knew what He was doing when He allowed me to get pregnant. Also, this week we called Jamey’s famiy and told our friends. We can’t keep up the excuses till we are through the 1st trimester after all….I’m too sick, and it’s getting suspicious!


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