My 1st Pregnancy. 8 weeks.


This week has been tough. I’m still really sick and have now been bedridden for about 3 weeks. I miss my friends, and I really miss being able to do my “normal” daily tasks. I even miss being able to clean the house, and cook, and grocery shop! Being this sick has been a real struggle for me. I think I might be losing weight. But, I’m starting to really love you and realize that you really are real!

This week was rough. I was getting to the end of my rope with feeling so sick 24 hours a day. I have probably lost a little weight, and by the end of this week–friday to be exact–i woke up and couldn’t empty my bladder even though it felt so full. All morning i had problems and i finally called the OBGYN office. They told me i probably had a UTI and to come in right away. They tested my urine and confirmed i had a bladder infection. I now have to try to swallow some antibiotics 2x a day on top of trying to swallow anything at all….I am still so sick. The doctor debated about sending me to the ER for some fluids. But i made it through this week without more intervention.


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