My 1st Pregnancy. 9 weeks.


I am already so attached to you. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Daddy and I love you and are getting excited for when we actually will meet you so many months from now. We talk about what we will name you, and what we will make your nursery look like. I heard your heartbeat on the doppler at the Dr. this week, and that was great. Me-Maw  heard it too, and she cried with joy.

I started off this week with a trip to the Emergency Room. My Mom took me, since Jamey had to work. I had been taking my Promethizine, but still not holding anything down so i decided to go and get some fluids and hopefully some better anti-nausea medicine. I hadn’t really been feeling well enough to take my antibiotics regularly, and that is a concern. I went to the ER and recieved 2 bags of fluid and some Zofran through my IV. Praise the Lord that this week i relented to pay the hefty dollar price for this wonderful new anti-nausea medicine. It’s the generic of Zofran, called Odansetron. It’s costing us about $200 for around 6-7 days worth. But, I am able to eat and drink and not feel as sick–and for that i would pay almost any price at this point! The end of this week i had my 2nd OBGYN appointment where I heard the heartbeat for the first time. Mom went with me because Jamey had to work, she was so excited to hear the heartbeat she cried. I found out i had lost around 3lbs. I felt well enough to step foot inside a grocery store for the first time in several weeks on that same day. I also ate a yummy whole grain bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese from Panera. I got a lot of fresh air and felt my spirits lift a lot. This weekend i went out to Trader Joe’s with Jamey, and we even made pasta salad together. I felt great on Valentines day, and Jamey got me the sweetest card. I’m so thankful for him being such a great nurse this past month when i was at my worst.


One thought on “My 1st Pregnancy. 9 weeks.

  1. At this point, i stopped posting. My “worst” was not over. I got much worse the week after that little “lift in spirits” and i wasn’t able to blog or do much of anything for several more weeks. I reached new all time lows—-and struggled to survive through what i would learn to be called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

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