Muffin Tin Mondays!

So, the last few blogs i’ve had have been SUPER heavy. And, that’s all fine and dandy by me….if that’s where i’m at in the moment. I wanted to do something else on my blog that is a bit fun and lighthearted. It’s something I started a few months or so ago for Pursey and now I am going to start putting it on my blog! It’s called Muffin Tin meals. (On Muffin Tin Mondays!) Here’s where i got the idea: This week, i didn’t follow the theme. It was a simple snack she wanted and i chose to throw something together fast….but stay tuned for more creative meals coming SOON!

This meal was: mandarin orange segments, cheerio dusted banana slices, pear slices, green olives, natural honey graham bears/crackers with Peanut Butter and Nutella, and Extra sharp cheddar cheese slices.

As usual, she gobbles most of it up. She loves her meals in a muffin tin! Check out the blog i got the idea from! There are tons of great ideas for you mom’s and dad’s of picky eaters…..(Purse isn’t picky but she does love to eat from a muffin tin).

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Muffin Tin Mom


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