Muffin Tin Monday!

This week’s theme was “Big and little, short and tall”. To be honest…..i didn’t do TOO much with it. I guess my creative juices weren’t flowing..?

Mandarine oranges with marachino cherries, "baby" black beans with short cheese shreds, mini white chocolate cherry muffin, goldfish, grapes, "tall" pear slices.

Pursey shocked me when she immediately took a piece of the maraschino cherry and tasted it and put it off to the side. HA! I thought she’d gobble those tiny things up! She made me proud though when she continued to “c’mon back” for little tastes of it now and again. I’m so glad she doesn’t seem to be much of a picky eater thus far…..

And a random food quote i saw and liked and wanted to include… “McDonalds announced it’s considering a more humane way of slaughtering its animals. You know they fatten them up and then kill them. You know the same thing they do to their customers, isn’t it?” -Jay Leno

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

4 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday!

    • ha 🙂 Yes! It’s cheddar cheese….but snow would be appropriate in this weather we’re having! It’s SO COLD here!

  1. Looks yummy! My daughter just had her first maraschino cherry… in a cherry cordial! There was no setting it aside and going back to it later! Now she rejects my Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses and demands a “cherry chocolate with a CHERRY INSIDE!” 🙂
    Cute little muffin too!

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